One of my friends bursts out one time why it is hard living. He further told me that if he has a choice then he wouldn’t want to be born and just live miserably.

I once, not just once, but sometimes, has this kind of thoughts too especially if things became burdensome that we thought it might eat us alive. I just realized that growing as an adult put us in a more miserable situation, more complicated scenarios that we cannot hold in anymore. Questions like what could be the mere reason why we are here today, what is my purpose, how can I achieve living to the fullest and more- becoming more helpless concerns that we cannot seek answers clearly unless we started looking into it more closely.

I do not know either the exact reasons for everyone. But all I am thinking is that to just living the life the best that you can. Be kind to everybody and find that purpose in which you could be an answer too to somebody.

Do not lose hope. Dream positively. Live everyday as if this would be the last. Find any single positive inspiration daily to help you going and just LIVE.


Song Seung-Heon


 Got curious about the new show at ABS-CBN “Black” a Korean Drama Thriller starred by Song Seung-Heon and Go Ara though a bit similar to Goblin,but with a different storyline. It was carefully sewn to got you on your feet and can’t stop on watching the next episodes.

Song is a perfect match to Ara and I could say both have a magic chemistry on screen. Song also starred on the much talked about R-Rated Romantic Korean movie “Obsessed that topped the box office chart. He also starred in some movies including Fate, So Close, Ghost, A Better Tomorrow and a lot more.


Yet you can’t be complete without LOVE, for love is the essence of your being, the light of your soul, the source of your sanity. When you love, you are professing HUMAN. Love more and be more human.